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Haryana First

Political Parties who have ruled in Haryana have used the tag ‘Number One Haryana’ to fool and misdirect people of the state. No party has ever tried to solve grass root level issues that plague our state. It has become imperative for the government to identify the problems, from Kalka to Tigaanv, that affect the people and try to solve them. It shall be our endeavor to ensure that ‘Number One Haryana’ is not merely a publicity phenomenon on paper. For this, different sections of the society need to be brought on a common platform to work towards creating policies that ensure proper public welfare. If the people of Haryana want to see Haryana become the real ‘Number One’ State in India, then they must rise above politics and work with single minded dedication towards the development of the state.

To ensure this, we have taken 5 pledges –

  • Every capable young individual will be provided with employment.
  • In the state, none shall go to sleep on an empty stomach.
  • Every child will be provided with free education.
  • Respectable elder citizens of the state (above the age of 65) shall receive a pension of INR 2500 per month.
  • Haryana targets to become the ‘California’ of India in the next 5 years.


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