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Haryana Politics – A Brief Background

It was in the year 1803, that the area that is Haryana today fell into the hands of the British. However, the First war of Independence in 1857, the British suffered a humiliating defeat at the hands of the people of Haryana. Thus in order to teach the people a lesson, the Haryanvi area was clubbed with Punjab in 1858. 89 years after this, India won its freedom but being a part of Punjab, Haryana had to face further humiliation and discrimination for another 19 years. When Haryana became a master of its own destiny in 1966, hopes of the people in Haryana soon rose towards the beginning of a new dawn.  

However, since then, all those who have been responsible for the governance in the state have been shortsighted by regionalism and a lack of vision for the state. This has led to a small state like Haryana being divided into different regions – each region progressing only when the leader of the state is from that region while during that time the rest of the state had to wait for its turn to witness development. In all these years, these so called development oriented leaders from the state developed 2 or 3 districts in the state but reaped dividends from the entire state on the false promises of development if reelected to power.  As a result of this highly skewed development, Haryana today is a live example in the entire country of disorganized development and regional imbalances.  

Haryana Lokhit Party has pledged to develop the entire state uniformly while attempting to diminish differences among the people to build a new Haryana where there is no discrimination based on caste, religion, social group or region. The only aim of the Haryana Lokhit Party is to work for the 2.5 Crore people of our state such that they are able to lead prosperous, happier and more content lives. 

Why Haryana Lokhit Party?

A very obvious question that should rise in the minds of the people of Haryana relates to the need of another political party in a small state like Haryana which already has 5 - 6 parties that are trying to capture the vote share of the people. Only three parties have had real opportunities to be in power in the state since many years – Congress (I), Indian National Lok Dal and the Haryana Janhit Congress.  INLD and HJC are controlled by single families and are run as fiefdoms of the first family. It is worthless to expect democratic principles being followed by these parties. The culture of a Party Supremo is inherent in the culture of these parties and its workers. These personal enterprises give no value to the elected MLAs, MPs or workers toiling on the ground for the party. While the elected representatives are seen as servants of the first family rather than as public servants, the party worker works like bonded labor. 

The whole state machinery is controlled by the members of the first family and even the administration becomes subservient to the ruling class. The kind of loot this political elite class has perpetrated on Haryana is a fact that every person in the state is aware off.

Even, a national party like the Congress becomes a family owned franchise in the state. The franchise is such that it is run single handedly by the current Chief Minister with the sole aim of promoting his family. Thus, there is no marked difference in the political culture of these three parties, the only difference being their names. The Congress gave the state 3 big political families in the last 36 years each of whom ruled the state like the Mughals ruled Indians. In times, when the Congress was out of power, the fourth political family completely demolished the states’ growth prospects. It is due to this competition among the four families to increase their personal wealth that a state rich in resources and development potential is lacking in so many spheres today. People have now slowly started to realize that these families have protected each other at the cost of the states’ welfare. A political leader that tries to emerge outside these four closed clans is finished politically and socially so as to not provide the people with any viable alternative that provides Haryana with an opportunity to free itself from this tyrannical rule.

Haryana Lokhit Party has been established to break the undemocratic stranglehold of these parties. On one hand the Haryana Lokhit Party aims to massively improve on the poorly formulated developmental policies of the last 50 years while also improving the political culture in Haryana, on the other hand the party wants to put an end to strong-arm tactics and hooliganism in politics of our state. Haryana Lokhit Party will rise above all kinds of divisive political overtures to provide the 2.5 Crore people of Haryana with clean governance while dedicating itself to bring prosperity and a positive change to the lives of these people.          


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