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Personal Life

Sh. Gopal Kanda’s personal life has been no less than a fairytale. His life has been a story filled with struggle, dreams, desire to serve, purpose and passion. He has always had an urge to prove himself worthy of the faith that the public has shown in him. 
Having lost his father at the tender age of 13, Sh. Gopal Kanda felt the absence of a person who himself was a successful lawyer and wanted his children to get the best higher education. However, fate had something else in store for Sh. Gopal Kanda.  

Gopal Ji had to shoulder numerous family responsibilities after the death of his father, things that a young child is generally unprepared for. Immediately after finishing his school level education, he began his struggle for survival. Getting married at the age of 21, Gopal Ji recognised that now the battle had to fought on two fronts – at home to manage the responsibilities towards the family and in public life to get a strong foothold among the people. Starting with a shoe shop in the Hisariya Market in Sirsa, Gopal Ji soon setup a factory to manufacture slippers. Even during these tough times, Sh. Gopal Kanda never let his dreams subside. While making these ‘Hawai’ Chappals, he used to dream of his setting up own Airline Company. In truth, dreaming of such an impossible achievement was considered foolhardy in those times. However, as fate would have it, India’s first all vegetarian airline took shape and was started in a few years. The establishment of a parallel business empire was also possible due Sh. Gopal Kanda’s untiring joint efforts with his younger brother Sh. Govind Kanda.    


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